At Basics of Health, we help consumers navigate the complex decisions between taking care of yourself (and avoiding unnecessary trips to the doctor and the hospital) and advocating for themselves with health professionals.

We attempt to arm consumers with information on holistic and natural remedies that have been down through generations as effective fixes for everyday ailments. If and when you must go to the doctor, we provide the valuable questions to ask in order to avoid costs and limit exposure in today’s medical facilities.

We are a non-profit organization and our work is sponsored by a Salem Dentist, Natural Smiles in Salem, Oregon.

Choosing Medical Services

The hospital or clinic that you first go to for outpatient consultation is most likely the same place where you’ll receive your medical solutions. Although you might be limited to local medical facilities, you still have the right choose which hospital or specialist you’ll go to. Hospital visits or doctor consultations are chosen mostly out of convenience, here are some tips that you can follow for your medical needs. Except for emergency and urgent care needs its best to call the emergency hotline for immediate response.

If you have medical insurance, check with their website or customer service hotline on which medical facilities are affiliated with them that are near you. It’s best for any home to have this list ready anytime in case of urgent medical needs. Specify the kind of doctor or specialization that you need, or an overview of the injury or illness. For small medical facilities, its best to call first if the doctor you’re looking for is available. There are times that small clinics have limited hours for doctors with specializations like dentists, ENT, audiologists or oncologists. Most often you’ll find lines or long waiting times for these specializations, its best to check the schedule and book an appointment ahead of time.

For those with limited choices in local area for specialized medical services, you can check with local directories for doctors and relevant clinics. Write a list of the doctors that you can consult with and then check with your health insurance provider first if the doctors are members of their medical solutions group, or if not, what’s the best possible solution for your medical needs. If you’re presented with a possibly better medical solution but require longer travel, inquire about transportation assistance.

If it’s your first time to go to a hospital or clinic for consultation or check-up. Expect that the nurse or receptionist will ask you to fill up a medical history form. Aside from providing background information on your health, this will be kept in the hospital’s database and can be useful on your subsequent visits.

If you were referred by your doctor to have additional consultation with another specialist, make sure you’re clear with the instructions. All the necessary medical files should be transferred securely so that the next doctor you talk to will be acquainted with your medical history. This is very crucial especially if you’re referred for special surgery or medical tests.

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